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Water Slide Rental Miami

Twin Towers. Size: 33'L X 20'W X 20'H

Double Slip and Slide. Size: 37'L X 16'W X 10'H

Sunny water slide1888.jpg
Sunny Water Slide. Size: 33'L X 13'W X 20'H or 22'H

Sunny_water_slide_no_pool 1-888.jpg
Sunny Water Slide No Pool. Size: 24'L X 13'W X 20'H or 22'H

Bounce House Water Slide. Size: 23'L X 15'W X 17'H

dolphin w pool.jpg
Dolphin Water Slide. Size: 30'L X 11'W X 16'H

Dolphin no Pool.jpg
Dolphin Water Slide No Pool. Size: 16'H X 11'W X 16'L

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